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How to Rock your Cell Pics


Next date tba (If you'd like to set up a private class for you and friends, lmk.)

A small (max 6 students), open air, masked and socially distanced photography class using your smartphone. 


Do you believe that artistic talent is inborn, like a light switch turned on or off?

Actually, we each have a unique way of seeing the world. In a fun and relaxing setting, I’ll show you how to open and express your inner artist, even if you’re convinced you aren’t “creative”.

“This class was such a fun way to safely learn in a beautiful setting (thank you Prospect Park). Andrea is an expert photographer who is enthusiastic and patient with beginners. I learned so much about how to frame a shot, other technical tips as well as editing tips for my phone. Would highly recommend her as a teacher. If you are looking for professional pictures - she is the absolute best at capturing life’s special moments.

Melissa R, Brooklyn


I’ve taught photography to countless people of all ages and I haven’t yet met a single person who didn’t have an artist inside. In these challenging times, photography can be profoundly soothing and help us

anchor ourselves “in the moment”, releasing stress and increasing our appreciation of simple things.

“Andrea’s class was very informative and fun. She definitely has an eye for great pictures. I learned so much about how to take better photographs with my phone. My favorite part was the shadow exercise.”

John R, Brooklyn


My class will include:

  • Lessons to open your seeing and notice new things

  • Lessons on “the rule of thirds” (an excellent tool to help set up photos)

  • Studies in contrast, texture, pattern and line

  • Mini lesson on using your phone's photography editing tools

  • The piece de resistance...Farting (not what it sounds like! I’ll keep you in suspense)

This will be a relaxing class with no pressure to share your photos unless you want to,  and no stress.

After taking my class, you’ll have an expanded view of the world around you and an increased ability to capture your special unique vision in photos.


I’m a professional photographer whose photos have appeared in The New York Times, The Daily News, Backstage, as well as in various exhibits and personal albums. I studied photography and Fine Art at ICP, Brooklyn Central, Cooper Union and the National Gallery.

“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!”

― Ansel Adams


WHEN: tba. The class is 90 minutes long and usually meets on weekend afternoons.

WHERE: We always meet in Prospect Park. When you register, I'll send details.

PRICE: $48

HOW TO REGISTER: Send payment  in advance via paypal to or Venmo to @AndreasEye


Photo of Andrea by Daniela Reinsch


"I was excited to take Andrea Reese’s photography class and it was wonderful. The class was small, under five people, relaxed and encouraging.  There was no pressure to show your photos if you felt unsure.  It was jammed packed with photography wisdom, tips and exercises all to insure that after an hour of learning your future photographs will be better."

L. Balbos, Brooklyn 



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