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More Kudos ...


​I love the portraits Andrea took of me!  Andrea turned a "business headshot" into a "Melanie portrait" by capturing my spirit and energy. She took so many lovely photographs, it was a challenge to pick my favorites! No other photographer has captured my spirit or enabled me to look as vibrant and happy as I do in her photos. I am thrilled. 
Melanie D, NJ


Andrea took the most natural photos of me ever.  I usually feel so awkward having photos taken but Andrea put me at ease like no one else ever has!
Sally S, London

Andrea has a way of seeing and capturing the moments that you dream about. She truly defines the word "artist" through her photographs and has a passion for photography that cannot be matched. Andrea finds ways of leaving her clients awestruck with the photographs she takes.
Millie K, NYC

Andrea Reese  photographs faces like nobody's business. She captures the essence of her subjects with the casual precision of her candid shots.
Katinka N, NJ

Working with Andrea was a breeze!  We left everything in her hands and she did not disappoint.  She scouted locations, provided models, and brought a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to the shoot. The result was stunning images.
David Reeder, Captain Dave's Catalogue

Andrea!! These photos are amazing! You captured so many expressions, so many smiles, so many frowns, so many curious looks.  I just love them all!
The colors in these photos are just so rich. They are all so fun and so full of love and humor!!!!  Thank you,  thank you, thank you. You are such an amazing artist.
Pia B, NY

Dear Andrea,
As always, the photos are fantastic! They totally capture the energy of the evening. Thanks so much! Can't wait to share these with the other guests - they will be thrilled!
Dara R, NY



Hi Andrea, I just viewed them. They are awesome! A lot of great family classics. We'll treasure them forever! You should know that my in-laws are raving about them, too. It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you.  Looking forward to more opportunities in the near future.
Mary A, NY

Heyyyyyy thanks so much for today.  U are so awesome. Awesome to the 10th power. Of course you can use my photos for your website I would honored if u did.
Eric P, NY

Hi Andrea,
Hey there. You are truly a superstar. Thanks so very much for taking thoughtful, well positioned, well-lit pictures that were a mix of candid and posed folks. I love them and while I liked you that night, I now love you! You have our deepest gratitude.
Raya C, NY

Hi Andrea, thank you sooooo much for taking the photos of our engagement, which are a perfect memory of this wonderful day. Especially the collage is very beautiful. We, our family and friends love it. THANKS! We will marry in April  next year on Mauritius and we will send you some photos if you like. Lovely regards from Germany.
Jess & Amir, Germany

Andrea, These are extraordinary.  I am not kidding.  They capture the moment, the many moments, of joy, joy, laughter, and tears included.  And all that love.  What a testament to the day and to your skills as a photographer.  WOW! These photos, and the people in them, are truly gorgeous. SO are you. Love, love, and more love.
Judith S, NY,  NY Wedding Officiant

Photos are fantastic!!!  You've done a wonderful job.  Thank you so much.  Feel free to use any photos for anything.
Sarah and Len G, NY

I can't thank you enough, people keep complimenting your images!
Chrissy D, Minneapolis

Thank you so much Andrea. The photos are fantastic, and despite what I expected beforehand, because of you I had a great time getting my photo taken.
Mark M, NJ

GREAT PHOTO SHOOT in the park yesterday with  stellar photographer  ANDREA REESE. There are sooooo many great ones.
Francis B, NY

Hi Andrea,
OMG, OMG, I am loving these shots! I think your work is really stellar. Thanks sooooo much again.
Sarah S, NY

Thank you for being so generous with your spirit and time. We took our first look today and were in heaven.  SO many great shots.  And so little wall space.  What to do?
Lester K, NJ

Hi Andrea! Thank you so much. These look great. I'm really glad you got to be a part of things! It was a really fun night, and now we have proof! ;) Take care!
Pedro S, NY

Dearest Andrea, I can't tell you what an enormous energy lift I got with you yesterday! Your creative energy is exhilarating, inspiring, expansive and fun! A trillion thanks for your generous time, wonderful work, and amazing creative oxygen!! Hugs and joy to you!
Jean B, NY

Hiya Andrea--
Wow!  Really nice photos!  You totally captured the spirit that I want to convey.  Thank you again for these fabulous photographs! They're PERFECT!
See you soon-
Tess A, NY

The shots are absolutely gorgeous. You are mightily talented! Thank you so much for taking such beautiful shots of the cake. I worked so hard on that thing, and it's nice to have photos that do it justice.
Linda C, Minneapolis



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