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​"Andrea is one of the most beautiful creative energies I've encountered.  She has credits up the arm--and is a dream to work with. There are only a handful of photographers who are capable of studying a subject (i.e. you) and getting to your essence in a photograph. Andrea is one of them."​

Brent Buell, Producer/Director of Iyaba Ibo Mandingo's unFRAMED, Writer, Photographer, NYC

​"I have directed and been featured in several shoots and never experienced the warm, creative, professionalism that Andrea exudes. She has a gift. Her eye working through her lens captures your spirit and allows for a glimpse into your soul. That is why, in my opinion, she is a great photographer."  

Teresa Scott, President of  Women's World of Boxing, Inc, Creative Director, NYC



 "Andrea really has it--That is, a perceptive eye within the incredible medium of photography plus, like all great photographers, she tells a beautiful, vivid story within her world. Andrea's photography keeps the viewer looking, finding new meanings with each visit. She makes us, the audience of her images, believe that we have never seen life as she reveals it."

Conrad Vogel, Artist, Curator, NYC

Photo by Andrea Reese

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All photos on this page are by Andrea Reese.


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