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2022 RATES
Prices will be based on the length of the session, editing time and the number of photos delivered.

PORTRAITS​  (Price range- $500-800, depending  on the estimated length of the photo session and the number of people/locations/outfits)

-Individuals (headshots, professional photos, online dating photos, author photos, social media photos, etc).

-Couples, families, children.

-Engagement photos.

-Pets. Check out my pet portraits HERE.


EVENTS (Price range- $600-1500, depending on the estimated length of the photo session)
Meetings, parties, performances, graduations, proposals, fundraisers, etc.

WEDDINGS (Price - $1600 for weddings of up to 5 hours)

I specialize in small, intimate weddings of up to 100 people, up to 5 hours of photography, in NYC.
I shoot in a journalistic style, catching many candid moments as well as traditional portraits and group photos. Most couples like to have some photos in black and white, which I'm happy to do during the editing phase.
I edit every photo myself, which takes about a month. I'll give you a flash drive and a link to your photos, plus tips on where you can make albums and prints if you choose to do that.  I will give you at least 300 fully edited photos.

Once you've booked your photography with me, I love to meet with you about a month before your wedding so that we can go over details and also so that we'll know each other on your wedding day. 

If you hire me, I require a $200 deposit (non-refundable) to hold the date.



I absolutely LOVE photographing Manhattan and Brooklyn City Hall weddings!

I'd meet you as you arrive and take pictures from start to finish.

City Hall weddings are special to me for so many reasons. They are very "New York", with the most wonderful mixture of people getting married.  So many couples come to the NYC to get married, including gay couples who aren't able to marry in their own countries. I've photographed couples from Singapore, Brazil and other countries, as well as US couples. 

Rate: $800 for 3 hours of photography.  $75/hour after that, and I'd give you at least 10 edited photos. I edit all of the photos myself and it takes about a week or so.)


For all photo shoots, I'll email you a link to your photos. 
For weddings, I will also give you a flash drive.
I edit all photos myself using Adobe Lightroom, and the edits will be standard (cropping, touch-ups, color adjusting, light adjusting). I do not do image altering Photoshop edits (changing hair color, changing body shape, changing backgrounds, adding in images, etc).
The average amount of time it takes me to complete the editing process is 1-2 weeks for portraits and events, 4  weeks for weddings. 

To get an estimate for your photo shoot, please send me a message by clicking HERE
Include the date, time and location of your event, and how many hours of photography you'd like, and I'll reply by email. No worries, if you don't know all the specifics yet. 

I accept cash, paypal, Venmo and Zelle payments.
Once you book a date and time with me, I ask for a deposit of $100 to hold that date, non-refundable.
(This goes towards the fee.)
The balance is due the day of the photo session.


If you cancel a week or more from your scheduled shoot, I'll refund your payment minus the initial $100 deposit.
If you cancel 48 hours or less from your shoot, I ask that you pay 50% of the total, since  it would be unlikely at the last minute that I'd be able to book another job on the day I reserved for your shoot.
If you cancel the day of your session, I ask that you pay the full amount of the shoot.
I want to be affordable for as many people as I can. While I do need to stay close to my quoted prices, sometimes for non-profits and people financially stretched, I'm able to lower the price a bit, so if you are hoping to hire me but not able right now to afford the quoted prices, send me a message HERE. 
As an established photographer, I do not do photoshoots for free for exposure,  or in exchange for something other than a financial payment (food, for example). I will always request a fee for my work. 

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