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Class with Andrea:

"How to Rock Your

Smartphone Pics"

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My photos have appeared in the NY Times, The Daily News, Broadway World  and many other publications, as well as in numerous family albums and dating sites!
I specialize in portraiture, including photos of authors, actors,  business people, singles for online dating, families (including pets).
My photo shoots are fun and warm with an adventurous atmosphere. Even if you use usually feel anxious about being photographed (many people do), you'll feel comfortable in a photo session with me. 
"You made me feel so free and at ease!" - Garth, Filmmaker
I'm  experienced at photographing many types of events, including weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, performances, advocacy gatherings, birthday and anniversary parties, and more.
I'm a "people person" who thrives on meeting and spending time with new people. If looking at my photos gives you a feeling of connecting with people you've never met,  or seeing everyday things in a completely new way, then I am very happy.
I'd love to take your photo!
Click HERE to read a feature article in Trish Sexton's blog about my
life and photography.
Photo on this page by Daniela Reinsch.
(Technique, portraiture, lighting, editing)
​​- International Center for
Photography, NYC​  (including portraiture with Amy Arbus)
- Cooper Union, NYC
​​- Brooklyn Central, NY​
- PhotoManhattan, NYC,​
- National Gallery, DC
- Sarah Lawrence College, BA
- University of  CA, Irvine, MFA

Sarah Lawrence College Gallery group show 2011:
Photo series of a lesbian couple, entitled "Role Play".
Sarah Lawrence College Gallery group show 2010:
Photo series entitled "On the Lam".

PhotoManhattan, 3 group shows 2010-2011:
1) "People with their Senior Pets"
2) " Couples"
3) "Role Play-A Lesbian Couple Re-enacting Iconic Hetero Scenarios"


New York Times
The NY Daily News
Time Out Magazine
GO Magazine
Broadway World
Author Photos:
Barbara Sher, Erika Christakis, Susan Schneider, Katinka Neuhof, David Madison,  NancyKay Shapiro
Elaine Bromka, Stacie Theon, Alex Shayne, Joe Musikar, Kathleen Vanderbeck, Brent Buell, Isabelle Russo, Ginnine Cocuzza, Winni Troha
PTP/NYC Theater Company, Camisade Theater Company, The Queens Company, Lisa Lewis, Iyaba

Women's World of Boxing. Covenant House,
The NY Lesbian Dollhouse.
NYC Barista Competition Finals, NYC Pride Parade, Brooklyn Pride Parade, Harlem Pride.



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